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Eheim 2215 leaking at output elbow

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I need to buy a whole new filter, don't I? I can't find this listed as a separate component anywhere. i'm getting ready to tear the tank this filter is on down temporarily - would it be worth trying to fix with epoxy. Anyone have experience with this? I'm bummed that I may need a whole new filter over what looks to be a 25 cent plastic part.
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Maybe this is what you need .....

I had a leaker 2011 , fixed it with the appropriate cover . The output elbow is integral with the cover and connects to the pump head .. there's an o-ring completing the seal between the head and the outlet piece on the cover IIRC.

Here's a link to the parts list :

or maybe you just need the o-ring ...
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Someoldguy, thanks a ton! i was looking on Big Al's, Amazon and F&S last night, but I didn't see that come up when I searched Eheim. That looks like it will replace exactly the part that's leaking. Much better than a whole new filter.
Glad I could be of help . Eheim parts are around , but often hard to find . Between Big Al's , and eBay I've been able to find nearly any Eheim part I've needed . Eheim had a parts website but it seems to have gone off into the ozone .
Anyway , good filters , shame to throw one out for lack of a relatively cheap part .
I had the same issue. The new head cover part is very simple to replace. I actually feel it was stronger than what it came with, though I bought it many years later. That will solve your issues.
There is a lot of Eheim parts Amazon, and is usually eligible for Prime shipping. I can get it same day (really next day) where I live. I am not super into Amazon or not but it was nice my wife had Prime and I could fix it ASAP.
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