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Hey all, so I have a few things that I'm selling. All items are less than a year old (probably closer to 8 months) and in great condition. Unfortunately, I have to break down my 25 gallon because I will be moving shortly. I have the following:
Eheim 2215: $80 - Comes with hoses, course pad, fine pad and bio/mech filtration if you want
Finnex Fugeray 24" - $50
25' Aqueon water changer- $15 - comes with adapters to connect to faucet. Switch allows water to drain as well as the ability to turn on the faucet to fill the tank.
Aquatop heater- $10 Adjustable 100W heater

If you purchase all four items or even just the filter/light, I would be willing to negotiate the price. Shipping will vary based on where you're located but I'll be lenient on shipping costs.

Local Pickup--- (Chicagoland area)
25 gallon aquarium
Various fish- 2 albino corys, 2 female guppies, 1 oto, 2 cardinals
Substrate- Gravel/sand mix

Please feel free to make offers- Paypal is the preferred method. Anything from the tank could have algae/snails so please clean accordingly.
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