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eheim 2215 - difference in pricing USA vs Canada

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Anyone know why there`s such a big price difference in Canada vs the US?


Classic 350 Canister Filter 2215: Pet Supplies

US: 110$ EHEIM Classic 2215371 External Canister Filter with Media for up to 92 US Gallons: Pet Supplies

even accounting currency rate, shipping and customs the US is still much less. Just find it odd.

oooor I can pick up a 2 year old used one for 80$.

Which would you get? :) I have a 55g.
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There is usually a large discrepancy between (the exact same) items that are sold in the US vs. sold in Canada.

It's just the way it has been. Even when the dollar was at parity, Canadian prices were still more than US prices. This led to a lot of people simply driving over the border, making their purchases, and then coming back. Even with the duties on the items, they would still often be much cheaper than in Canada.
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