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Eheim 2213

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I just bought the 2213 and am having difficulty with the assembly. The instructions are not clear. How do you attach the elbow (4014050) to the outlet pipe (7275750)? I received four hose connections with water flow regulators. Where do these go? Nowhere does it tell you where to attach these four regulators. I did okay until I reached step G where it discusses hose connections and their suction side and pressure sides. I'm usually fairly adept at mechanical things but, this time I'm baffled. I wish there was a pic of a completed setup. Can anyone help?
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How I set mine up is, one piece of hose about 12" long from the delivery outlet on the pump (at the top) then a regulator. Then a length of hose, depending on how far away from the tank your pump is. The end of this hose curls over the top of the tank then add the elbow, then a short piece of hose (1"-1 1/2" long) then the spray bar, my spray bar runs horizontally at the top of the tank.

Next the intake/suction side. Start & the pump, cut apiece of hose that when fitted brings you to about level with where the delivery couplings are.(guessing about 24" long) then install your couplings,...opposite way around to your delivery, that way when you disconnect pump to clean, there is no confusion when hooking back up ( just an added precaution for us old folks with bad memory!!) Now where was I???? Oh yes, then run your measured length of hose & fit your Pickup tube.
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Here is how i have my 2213 setup, hopefully this picture i made will make things clearer
i dont think there is any clear cut rule on where or how to attach the flow valves, they've left it pretty open

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Thanks for the pic. It looks like you connected "two" flow valves per intake/outtake. My directions never addressed this. Thanks so much for the help. I think I can do it now.
Thank you so much. Eheim should hire you to write their instructions. You did a much better job than they did. Thanks again. I think I can handle it now.
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