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Eheim 2213 noise increase?

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May just be me but I was always impressed by the quietness of this filter. Lately it seems to be increasing in "white noise" i.e a hum of some sort..
Just cleaned it and checked impeller ect..

It isn't really an issue per se but more curious if when these age if this is a semi-normal issue..

Again it may just be me. I've added [email protected] (not quite set up) and the relay I use has a 60hZ "hum" at times. So I might have just sensitized myself to noise..
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Sometimes the little rubber washer down in the impeller well get's worn and impeller does not spin as true as when washer is replaced.
I love the eheim classic's but hate the flimsy ceramic shaft that the impeller spins on.
Have broken them a few times.
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