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eheim 2080 noise

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ok, i dont know if this is normal but,

installing it was easy enough, except i was short on hose an had to buy more.

its running now but i can hear like water trickling inside the cannister. is that normal? it sounds like i have some huge air pocket or somethin an the water is jus pouring out into air an then down to the rest of it.

anyone have any thoughts on this?

also, the flow indicator never really goes to the top, its on the second to the top indicator even when i move the lever fully open.
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If you are hearing a splashing noise, I would bet there is air in there, and that is the reason your not getting the flow indicator all the way to the top.
Mine doesn't trickle or splash...I think you're going to have to fiddle with it some more.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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