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Eggshells elevating Silicates, causing Diatoms?

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Set up a 125 planted tank about 6 weeks ago using RO water. I have crushed coral in bags in the sump and added some eggshells in another bag to bring the GH and KH up. My question is, I have been experiencing a great deal of diatom algae and I know this is part of the process and somewhat normal.. However I think it is a bit excessive and seems to be dragging on a bit longer than what I would expect. So I am wondering if the eggshells could be adding silicates to the tank, feeding the diatoms? Gravel is baked clay. Will this still go away soon or should I pull the eggshells and stick to equilibrium for GH? I have the eggshells so would rather go the homemade/free route if possible. Thanks!
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