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Eggs inside shrimp or parasite??!Help!

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Hello again! Theres too much going on in my tank right now!Plant damages, missing shrimps and now pregnant shrimps???

What do you think this thing inside the shrimp are?Im thinking it was an egg but I havent seen a shrimp egg before, this tank is barely 4 weeks old...

It looks like its hidden under its paddles, Im not sure...
I bought this shrimps online thinking they were amano shrimp.. Because Amano shrimp are called "yamato numa ebi" here in japan and these ones are called "minami numa ebi"..I mistook them for amanos.. Idk what you call them there but its scientific name is "NEOCARIDINA DENTICULATA"

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Shes burried, congrats shes a momma
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