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egglaying - livebearing snail?

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Hi All,

I was sold 'livebearering' snails via a local club order from a well known online source. (I wont name it here)

Anyway the livebearing snail has turned out to be an egglaying snail! They have laid three clutches near the top of the tank now.

Here is a few photos:

Look good huh?

I have three packs like that in a row there there is about 1 inch of glass above the water line..

Any idea which species this really is?


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Any way to get an exact sp. name?


Check over on for tons of info on them. Looks to be the pomacea bridgesii species to me. Also could be a cana which get very large and will eat your plants.
Did you ask Jana? She has a whole bunch of snails breeding for her and might be able to tell you more specifically.
I just found her email to send her a private email :) she was the first that came to mind haha ;)

Thanks Jen!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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