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Egg Tumblers...

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Anyone know about or have used egg tumblers? I made a DIY one out of a gravel vacuum, thinking it was a masterful idea. But instead of tumbling, everything I put in it gets sucked to the top. Im thinking that the drilled holes in the top are allowing for too much air to pass creating the suction, but im not sure. Any suggestions?
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What eggs are you tumbling? With cichlid eggs, I used a pvc thing a built with a small wooden airstone on the bottom and my frontosa hatched pretty well.
just means your creating to much flow thus suckin them to the top same way a ug filter works just needs to create a fine flow adjustable can help tune it in to. i thought your fish werent egg scaterers but depositers? i get my co² tommorow so we should swap plants in the near future.
Id try a little air flow control valve and just turn the air down a little bit. Looks like it would work just fine to me.
Definately too much current if they are pushed to the top. You have to adjust the air flow. I used PVC and screen material. Place the air stone at the bottom of it and adjust accordingly.
If you want a proper tumbler I have a spare 2 chamber lying around, $10 shipped.
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