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eeka @ nano

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hi here are some nano aquariums.
most are designed for shrimps and lobsters.
sit back and enjoy

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Those look really nice! Are they all set up right now?

I feel like I've seen the last one before...did you ever submit it into a competition?
You are seriously enjoying this hobby.... i can tell :)
Geez! Are all these set up as you post the pics or is this a collection over time?
I stand here many aquariums.
scape some are off

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wow, great collection, nice tanks, i love the one with that big root wall and river rocks.... do you have a pic of all your tanks together? like a shot of your tank room or whatever lol i think it would look cool to see them all together
Very nice collection. In those last pictures of the HC and the dry start, what kind of light are you using and what are the dimensions of that tank?
And my wife thinks I have too much Nice body of work.
beautiful tanks, so many wonderful scapes. I would go nuts trying to maintain that many tanks lol. Love the pics keep them coming.
the hc is 40cm long

.the shade is always a different exposure
alg free.
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.the shade is always a different exposure
alg free.
what type of fish is that? i like its look does it stay small? :eek5:
I love your restrained use of accentuating reddish contrast!

Lots of dramatic tension and "Pop"!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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