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hey y'all I know most of you don't do big fish but I'm hoping one of y'all or someone you know might be interested in adopting 3 ~8" tiger oscars.

they came to my store in a paint pail, a tupperware, and an ice cream container.... needless to say they're a little roughed up. one of them has ich that I am currently treating... they've also got pretty big eyes on them and apparently havent grown in a while, according to their previous owners... safe to say theyre most likely not going to top 10".

the only place i have to put them right now is in two 11g tanks (two in one, one in the other) on a 250g system. needless to say this really, really is not a good long-time situation.

it'd be nice if all three of them went to the same home, as they seem fairly attached. adoption fee is $30 each, though that's negotiable. my phone camera is currently broken but I will try and get pictures if anyone is interested.

if you are interested please PM me for more details, I'm not comfortable stating my exact place of work publicly on the forums. thank you!
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I think dropping the price might bring better chance of adoption.I certainly would not pay 30 dollar's for sick,as well as prolly stunted fish.
In the interim ,a large rubbermaid tub or two can be had cheaply at Walmart .
Add a couple sponge filter's from seasoned tank's? and a heater ,and fish will be much more comfortable and larger volume of water would help possible ammonia level's from getting too high between water changes.
Realize this is a bit of work but it goes with caring for the fish until you can re-home them.
Wish I were closer,for I would take them/rehabilitate them.
Fish prolly been fed feeder fish and may harbor all manner of bacterial pathogen's and or parasites.
Clout,or Prazipro might be my first step at bringing them around although a bit drastic from med standpoint (potent).

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company policy wise my hands are completely tied. i've gotten them to eat crickets/shrimp/etc, no more goldfish for them. i've already had to fight my boss for a in-line heater for one of the sumps because the internal heater is now incapable of heating past 75 for whatever reason.... soooo no private heater for them, same goes for any kind of sponge filter/powerhead. the fish are required to be on the floor... i'd stick em in the plant tank bc i can move everything to one compartment, but the heater's unreliable and there's not enough filtration.

would treat w/ clout but i've already got fish in the QT tank that the oscars would gobble in a second. going to try and sneak some prazipro in, we're not allowed to have actual medication anymore because apparently it's too expensive and melafix is a miracle cure. in short, the current situation is a cluster**** i literally got a ten minute warning that these guys were coming in. since then tho they've been my babies... trying to feed them little bits constantly throughout the day, siphoning out their uneaten food, turning the entire panel's lights out if they get stressed, etc lmao... but the sooner they get adopted the better, i'd take them myself but i have nowhere to put them.

the $30 each adoption fee is to keep stupid kids and people who think they're """cool""" and good permanent additions to their 55g from snatching them up....

however, if someone from here wants them i'll pester my manager to drop the fee to $15 for each of them. or whatever. theyre sick so $30 for all of them might be appropriate, i'm not sure if we have adoption fee minimums. if i know they'll be going to a good home i'll try and drop it as low as i can lmao.
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