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My Eco-Complete just arrived and since I could not find this information before ordering it I thought I would post it here for others use.
Website address is
I purchased from normal price is $19.99 however on sale for 15.99 till 12-24-2010. offered free shipping on all orders above $45 till 12-24-2010. also offering $5 dollars for every order you place before 12-24-2010.
I placed 4 seperate orders. Each order had 3 bags each of Eco-Complete and totaled $47.97 plus tax with free shipping. I payed with my PayPal account and product arrived the next day. Shipping would have been around $26 for each order.
My question to PetCo is, how do you make money on this product when you pay for shipping? 12 bags, 252 pounds shipping weight, I am only 50 miles from your distribution center and the shipping cost is at least $104, 4 seperate orders so I recieve a $20 credit for future orders, You paid to ship the product to your warehouse, you purchased the product from CaribSea, you pay your employees to handle the product, and you pay to store the product till I order it, I paid $191.88 plus sales tax, So if I am doing the math correctly either you loose money on this product or pay less than $5.66 per bag before it leaves your warehouse. WOW...I feel very special, THANK YOU PetCo!!!

Now that I am done bragging about the great deal I received. Here is the technical information that I promised.

Product comes from CaribSea 2 bags per box with a shipping weight just under 42 pounds.
IMHO It appears that CaribSea fills the bags by volume then adds a small amount of water to get exactly 20 pounds per bag. The water does not account for much volume just weight.
Each box measures 17"x12"x5" and contains (2) 20# bags with no room to spare.
The carboard appears to be 3/16" thick and for the following calculations I will round down to 1/4" carboard wall thickness.
Box inside dimensions would be 16-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 4". Outside dimensions minus carboard wall thickness at 1/4" per layer and remember the top and bottom have 2 layers each 12" and 17" flap.
16.5x11.5x4=759cubic inches for 2 bags, or 379.5cubic inches per bag.
Bottom line it appears each 20 pound bag holds 380 cubic inches of substrate.
The Substrate calculater here appears to use 370 cubic inches per 20# bag. My calculations are within 1% of the substrate calculator.

****Floramax side note. The same box that is used for (2) bags of 20# Eco-Complete is also used to ship (2) 15# bags of Floramax. I do not know how tight the Floramax bags fit in this box however I would assume they fit just as snug as the Eco-Complete bags.


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