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eco complete in an ada?

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Hey guys some quick questions. What separates ada planted aquarium themes? Substrate mainly and driftwood placement? I have eco complete and am looking at setting up an ada style aquarium. Will this be fine? Most likely overgrown with hairgrass anyways and without a sandy pathway. Thanks for the help
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you're breaking the law of aquascaping by using non ADA soil in an ADA tank.

just kidding. Do what you want, whatever works for you to grow plants!
Lol, I enjoy the ada layout but will definitely have my own touch. Looking at ideas for my tank and going to start a journal here soon for insight. A mixture of many things while keeping true to layout dimensions and focal points :p
If you're willing to buy an expensive ADA tank, why not buy expensive ADA substrate? It WILL grow your plants better. And possibly save you money on not needing root tabs.
Where can you find the ADA soil for sale? Do any of the sponsors carry it?
I might have been confused with the exact definition of ada and won't be doing exactly that, maybe the next one. I don't have a rimless tank
Where can you find the ADA soil for sale? Do any of the sponsors carry it?
Francis Xavier, Aquarium Design Group. But AFA has much better prices:
I believe adg has free shipping on some of their items that is why they are a couple of bucks more
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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