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Its official after 6 months of good growth, I do believe I can grow aquatic plants. I got a lot of advise from this board and selected only the hardiest plants. Tank setup below.

Eclipse 3 Gallon, stock light and filtration.
Minor mods - Black Silicon airline ran to filter inlet tube for DIY CO2.
A 4 inch by 1/2 inch slit was cut in the back of the hood by the filter pad area to allow better gas exchange and to help cool the water.

Weekly filter pad media rinse, glass clean, prune plants and 1/2 gallon water change with a light gravel vacume. DIY CO2 - 16oz bottle with 1/4 cup sugar to three pinches of yeast changed weekly.

Monthly Filter pad replaced, filter taken apart and cleaned.

Dosing - DIY CO2 - unregulated, API Leaf Zone - 1ml on Saturday and Wednesday.

Setup with live plants since July 2012. Both the Anubias and Wisteria grow really well. The small stuff is Amazon sword, while it does send out new leaves it doesn't get very big, so I relegated it to foregrond plants. I tried Dwarf hairgrass but it all died. Still I consider the tank a success.

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