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A small Echinodorus Verde - SOLD

2 rhizomes of Bucephalandra Theia Type I - SOLD

Moss Package: 1 golf ball of Mini-Java Moss, Mini-Christmas Moss, Mini Pellia, I will also throw in small portion of True Weeping Moss. No Snails No algae Everything together-------SOLD

actual photo of weeping moss

3 golf balls of mixed moss--these are some left overs from these packages. all mixed up together, there are some Mini-Christmas,Mini Pellia and maybe Weeping Moss in them. SOLDfor all

Mini- Java

I have a full bag of Mini-Christmas Moss about 15-20 golf balls, No Snails No algae, all together SOLD

half bag of Mini-Pellia about 7-10 golf balls, No Snails No algae, all together SOLD

10+ small crowns of Downoi - SOLD

A Clump of Bolbitis heudelottii- 25USD

A small Clump Bolbitis heudelottii- 15USD

Shipping is 6USD. No matter how many you buy.
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