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Echinodorus major stem & trimming

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Hello all! I'm new to planted tanks, and am learning a lot very quickly. About 2 weeks ago I planted an E. Major, at the recommendation of my lfs. Since then, it's grown a stem in the middle, from non existence, to taller than the 20" of my tank! Am I able to trim it? Should I leave it?

If you have any other recommendations on caring for this beautiful plant, please tell me!


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Is your Echinodorus blooming? Can you post a picture of the flower?
The bad thing about large sword plants is that while you can trim individual leaves it is not advisable to cut leaves in the middle. If you do not have a top you can let it grow out of water but it will only get larger. On the bright side there are many Echinodorus that will stay smaller. Some include prinz kleiner (NOT bar which is a similar but different and larger plant); rossett (common name); red flame; ...
You can cut the runner which is that thing that went to the surface unless you want more giant sword plants in your aquarium.
It has not flowered, because I do use a lid. I realized that they're adventitious plants. I guess I'm doing something right! I removed some of the not-happy leaves. Being a newbie, I didn't realize that I should have done so when planting it initially.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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