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Hi everyone! I'm here to offer you guys some high quality shrimp food for great prices!

This food is amazing quality by the brand Ebi No Seicho. It is a French brand and has shown great improvement in health, color, and breeding to all tanks it is fed to! There are a variety of different food that will fit all your needs. You can find all of these foods at their official US distributor, however we are offering a special forum only deal

The current deal: (New deals every month!)

Spend $30 and get one 4oz container of Staple Gold free!
Also, all food is going to be 20% off the website price until the end of May!

We have TWO sponge filter bio-film reactors from! They are great for shrimp tanks, just stick em on top of your sponge filter and the bio media inside tumbles and releases biofilm into the tank!

These are first come first serve! We are giving them away to people who spend atleast $60!

Shipping to Continental US only for the time being!
Shipping will priority mail and will be calculated based on distance. Orders over $50 will receive free shipping!

Food and prices: (Description and pictures down below)
----------------------------Regular Price---------Forum only Price-------------------------------------------------------
Ebi No Seicho

Ebi Crispz:-----------------------$12-------------------$9.60
Ebi One: **Best Seller!!**------$12-------------------$9.60
Shrimp Bead:--------------------$10-------------------$8
Shrimp Boost:-------------------$12-------------------$9.60
Shrimp Color (powder):---------$10-------------------$8
Soft Mix:------------------------$11-------------------$8.80
Meat Pad:-----------------------$12-------------------$9.60
Limited Edition:-----------------$12-------------------$9.60
Regular Mix:--------------------$11-------------------$8.80
Fulvique Tonique:---------------$10-------------------$8
Water Flake:
Elevate Shrimp Brand Food (extra 10% off on these!)

----------------------------Regular Price---------Forum only Price-------------------------------------------------------
Staple Gold:
Sample: ------------------------$2-------------------Free with Any purchase over $20 (just ask)
1 oz.----------------------------$3.50-----------------$2.45
2 oz.----------------------------$6---------------------$4.20
4 oz.----------------------------$11-------------------$7.70
6 oz.----------------------------$19-------------------$13.30

Super Flakes

Pictures and Description!

Ebi Crispz
Good protein content with a mix of green vegetables
Increases growth and colors
The ideal mix for your shrimps for balanced nutrition
Feed approximately 2-3 Ebi Crispz granules for every 15 shrimp, or ideally a similar size portion of various sized Crispz.
Salmon meal, wheat gluten, krill, spinach, green cabbages, krill meal, amino acids (lysine and threonine), seaweeds, minerals, salmon oil, vitamin, rosemary extract.
Protein 44.0%, fat 5.5%, fiber 6.6%, ash 5.8%, humidity 6.0%

My shrimp go CRAZY over Ebi Crispz. One of my favorite foods to feed

Ebi One
Growth boosting protein formation prepared into small light chips.
feed one chip every 2 days for approximately 15 shrimps
fish meal, cornstarch, yeast, spirulina, shrimp meal
Protein 60.6%, fat 9.8%, fiber 2.0%, ash 10.4%, humidity 8.0%

Probably second favorite to my shrimp, theres a high amount of protein in it

Shrimp Bead
a Powdered food designed for young and developing adults.
Rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein.
Increases growth and colors.
The high iodine content has a positive effect on metabolism, promotes digestion.
A pinch every 2 days for 10 shrimp
Fresh algae (ascophyllum nodosum), 100% natural without additives

Amazing for large and small shrimp alike. powdered but a bit larger grain

Shrimp Boost
Increases the survival rate of juvenile and very young shrimp due to the protein rich composition.
Shrimp Boost sticks slowly break down into a coarse powder once submerged and will feed many young shrimp without the stress of competing with larger mature shrimp as they all search for morsels of food.
2 mini sticks for 10 shrimp every 2 days. (best used as a supplement with shrimp basic).
Fish meal, corn starch, yeast, sprirulina, shrimp meal.
Protein 58.8%, fat 9.1%, fiber 2.0%, ash 14.6%, humidity 6%

Feeding dish is suggested, dont want the powder breaking up and sinking into your substrate!

Soft Mix
100% natural vegetarian pellet formation for daily feeding.
Every ingredient in Soft Mix has a beneficial effect to your shrimps and will help their digestion, molting process, along with improving their immunity against parasitic diseases.
Feed 1 stick for every 15 shrimp, break into pieces first
Nettles, dandelion, spinach, echinacea, plantain

a good soft food, more easily accepted by shrimp

Meat Pad
Food designed for young and developing adults.
Possibility of reducing to powder.
Good amount of protein for healthy growth.
Feed 1/2 pad per 15 shrimps
Fish, cereals, yeasts, plants, seaweed.

turns very powder! feeding dish highly suggested. shrimp go MAD for it no matter what, theyll grab on while its still sinking!

Limited Edition
Ebi No Seicho's Limited edition food contains a mix of proteins and amino acids to provide your shrimp with a powerhouse of nutrition. Supplementing this into your shrimp's diet will make your juvenile shrimp grow quick and healthy.
1 stick for 15 shrimp, break into pieces before feeding.
Animal protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins
Protein 59.3%, fat 10.9%, fiber 2.4%, ash 9.2%, humidity 6%

Havent used this food as much as the others, but my shrimp seem to like it!

Regular Mix
100% natural vegetarian pellet formation for daily feeding.
Every ingredient in Regular Mix has a beneficial effect to your shrimps and will help their digestion, molting process, along with improving their immunity against parasitic diseases.
1 stick for 15 shrimp, break into pieces before feeding.
Nettles, walnut leaves, spinach, seaweed, lucerne, red paprika, and echinacea

Part of my weekly feeding routine, another of my tank favorites

Fulvique Tonique
great if you want to add more tannins to the water. helps the shrimp's immune system as well and acts as an antibacterial against bacterial infections.
1/2 a spoon (provided) for every 30 liters of water. great to add around water change time

I usually add in a bit during water changes
**No pictures of this one at the moment! each bag is 30g**

Water Flake
High in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Smaller sized vs snowflakes, Designed specifically for shrimp not repackaged cattle feed!
1/2 a flake for every 10 shrimp, uneaten food is ok to leave in tank for up to 5 days!
soybean husks
Protein 13.0%, fat 6.6%, fiber 28.0%, ash 5.0%, humidity 8.5%

i love this food, instead of snowflakes i usually toss a bunch of this in my tanks every few days

Staple Gold
This food is the ideal food for feeding large colonies, especially juvenile sized shrimp. caridina, neocaridina and sulawesi shrimp go crazy to get a piece of this food. Staple Gold provides a quickly consumed source of protein that is essential for fast and healthy growth. The size and lightweight composition allow for mature and juvenile shrimp alike to pick up a piece and carry it away to be eaten safely in a low stress environment.
Feed 1 pellet for every 2-3 shrimp. It is recommend that you do not overfeed your shrimp. Feeding more than 3x per day is unnecessary for the regular shrimp hobbyist.
crude protein: 40%, crude fats 2.8%, crude fiber: 3%, ash 9%

AMAZING FOOD. i toss a bit in with every meal, my shrimp go crazy and its the perfect serving size for shrimp to pick one up and run with it

Super Flakes
Super Flakes are 100% natural and GMO free dehydrated vegetable, similar but more nutritious than the common "snowflake" soy bean hull based pellets. Unlike snowflake pellets, Super Flakes contain unprocessed fibers which are important for a shrimps digestive tract and in addition Super Flakes are extremely rich in vitamin A, C, B2, B1, folate and vegetable protein. This food is also full of anti-oxidants and flavonoids which are extremely beneficial to shrimp immunity and fertility.
Remove uneaten/discarded shells after a few days and try and limit the feeding to 1 large Flake per ~10 shrimp to gauge your shrimp colonies hunger.

another one of the reasons why i no longer use snowflakes! shrimp go crazy for this, just dont forget to remove the uneaten husks!
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