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Shipping is $6 USPS Small Flat Rate box or orders of $75 or more FREE shipping!
local buyers welcome to pick up, I live in West LA.
Please PM me any questions

SL-Aqua Shrimp Products!
SL-Aqua Snowflakes 50g - $10, 120g - $18
(you wont find snowflakes for cheaper)
SL-Aqua Baby Food bottle - $18

SL-Aqua Snowflakes 50g - $10, 120g - $18
Snowflake food has become quite popular in Asia.

It is a specially selected growth media for mycelia. Mycelia is the vegetative part of fungi that generates nutritive components such as crude protein, amino acid, crude fat, crude cellulose and polysaccharide, all of which are important for shrimp growth and well being.

Even though the shrimps are attracted immediately when it is introduced into the tank, it is perfectly normal to have white flakes left over. These "snowflakes" do not pollute water and will serve as a medium for mycelia to grow. As a result there will be a constant source of food for the shrimps for weeks (depending on the amount dosed and the amount of livestock), thus making it to suitable to be used as a food supplement during holiday periods.

SL-Aqua Baby Food bottle - $18
Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, with additional algae,
chitin and unsaturated fatty acids, to promote shrimp growth, color and breeding.

1. Enhanced resistance against disease hence increase juvenile survival rates. 2. Increase the growth rate.
3. High nutritional ingredients and well balanced.
4. Natural ingredients, no chemical additives.

Content :
Soybean meal, wheat germ, spirulina, vitamins, amino acids and trace
1. Take an appropriate amount with a teaspoon, evenly sprinkle on the
water, 2-3 times daily. (Finish eating within 1-2 hours )
2. When the number of shrimp is greater, can increase the amount of food.

Ebi-Ken Shrimp Products!
Ebi-ken Ei (35g) $21
Ebi-ken Han (40g) - $15
Ebi-ken Sosei 30g - $10, 60g - $13
Ebi-ken Kou-Yang 30g - $7.50, 50g - $11
Ebi-ken Kou Yin 25g (powder) - $7.50
Ebi-ken Nagomi (5 pcs) - $15
Ebi-ken Shou (5 pcs) - $15

Ebi-ken Ei (35g) $21
A very fine micro-organism and beneficial bacteria baby powder specifically aimed for fast development of shrimps. This particular product does not have any adverse affect when accidentally overdosed. You will see an increased survival rate of baby shrimps and increased activity of adult shrimps.
Use: half a spoon full twice a week. Can be used everyday at 1/4 a teaspoon a day.
Check shrimp forum for a recent review thread on Ebi-ken Ei
Ebi-ken Ei (new bottle)

photo by hedge_fund

Ebi-ken Kou-Yang white mineral rock
30g - $7.50
50g - $11

Kou-Yang (rock) is a calcium bentonite based mineral rock that has a very high composition of calcium which invertebrates use to help with molting and aid in thicker and shinier whites. It also acts as an area for inverts to pick on for supplement minerals.
Use: It is recommended that 10 grams be used for every 10-20 gallons of water. For the best results, use a tooth brush to brush off the algae that grows on the surface of the mineral rock once awhile for the best performance.
Ebi-ken Kou-yang (old label)

Ebi-Ken Han (40g) - $15
Han(繁) in Japanese means many/ in great numbers. This product contains many beneficial bacteria in dormant form along with a special mix of Fungi specifically for shrimp. This product is intended to be used in conjunction with Ei (栄). Both these products combined, "Han Ei" (繁栄) in Japanese means flourish. This product together is one of, if not the best combination of products for the highest possible survival and growth rate of shrimps (specifically tested with Crystal shrimp). When Han is used, you will see that the shrimps will all gather and continually pick at it and devour it until all is gone. They help with the digestive systems of the shrimps along with increasing its immune system.

Ebi-ken Nagomi (5 pcs) - $15
Nagomi is a ceramic based mineral ball which will continually release over 50 trace minerals into the water for shrimps to use for up to 2 years.
Use: To activate the ball, first take a bowl and place the balls in the bowl. Boil water until it comes to a boil and pour over the balls in the bowl until it is submerged in water. Allow the balls to sit in the boiling water for 2 minutes before pouring and letting it cool on its own. Once cool enough to touch place in the tank. It is recommended 5 balls per 10-20 gallons of water spread evenly across substrate or placed near a high flow area.
Ebi-ken Nagomi (old label)

Ebi-ken Kou Yin (25g) (powder) - $7.50
Kou Yin, is a high quality old sea mud for shrimp tanks. This specific product is in powder form and can be used during the setup of a new tank or maintenance of a tank. It helps increase beneficial bacteria, bacterial activity, deodorize water, helps stabilize water, and improves water quality by removing toxins.
Use: When used for initial tank setups, sprinkle a thin layer before laying substrate. Half a spoonful every 10 gallons of water changed is more than sufficient. Keep in mind it is a powder and will dissolve quickly and raise TDS.

Ebi-ken Sosei
30g - $10
60g - $13

Sosei is a highly dissolvable organic fulvic acid. It conditions the water to allow shrimps to thrive in a comfortable environment with soft acidic water. Increases the survival rates of baby shrimps and may increase the rate in which shrimps breed. It also promotes the growth of more luscious plants and enhances the root systems of plants and longevity of active soils.
Use: It is recommended that half a level spoonful be used for ever 10-15 gallons of water and be dosed accordingly to every water change.
Ebi-ken Sosei (old label)

Ebi-ken Shou (5 pcs) - $15
Shou is an amazing product that has antibacterial properties, releases trace minerals, absorbs harmful toxins, deodorizes water, and as an active filtering media. This product contains: zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, and 20 other trace elements, which over a long period of time will slightly alter the TDS.
Use: 5 spheres every 10-15 gallons of water evenly spaced across the substrate. This product lasts 2 years and does not require any maintenance.
Ebiken Shou (old label)

Shirakura Shrimp Products!
Shirakura Ebi Dama 30g - $10
Shirakura Ebi Dama 80g - $18
Shirakura Ebi Dama Soft Taste 30g - $10
Shirakura Ebi Dama Soft Taste 80g - $18
Shirakura Ebi Dama Special 30g - $18
Shirakura Ebi Dama Vivid 30g - $18
Shirakura Biseibitsu no moto (baby food) glass bottle - $18
[STRIKE]Shirakura Biseibitsu no moto (baby food) 20g bag - $18 SOLD OUT[/STRIKE]
Shirakura Red Bee Bacter - $18
Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+ - $18

Shirakura Ebi Dama and Dama Soft
Supplementary feed for shrimps and crayfish is a herbal product. It is high in amino acids, natural vitamins and minerals, for health, growth, colourfulness and good reproduction of the animals.

Shrimps are omnivores and as such they also need animal proteins, which they usually find in mostly invisible microorganisms and microbes in the substrate. In order to grant a sufficient supplies of such microbes, Takayuki Shirakura developed the rearing feed » Chi Ebi, which serves as a nutrition basis not only for baby shrimps but also for microorganisms and thus support a healthy development of the population. These little helpers furthermore dispose of feed residues and excrements of the shrimps which lie deeper down the substrate and thus clean the substrate. If feed residues and excrements are not removed, shrimps may die from the evolving poisonous substances. Baby shrimps are particularly at risk. This is the reason why Ebi Dama feed by Shirakura has a very firm consistency. It will not fall apart during feeding and sink down to the floor unused.

In relatively newly set-up aquariums in which the substrate is not yet sufficiently active, it is recommended to add high-quality feed, for example artemia, once a week. However, it is also recommended to use » Chi Ebi - rearing feed from the very beginning since it significantly accelerates the genesis of the important microorganisms and microbes.
Seaweed, Cereal, Vegetables, Vegetable by-products, Spirulina
Analytical Constituents:
29,6% crude protein, 4% crude fat, 11,9% raw fibre, 22,1% crude ash, 4,9% moisture
Feed Ebi Dama twice a day in small amounts, but only as much as the shrimps can eat within one or two hours. If all shrimps are full, feed leftovers should as a principle be removed from the aquarium.
80g bag pictured

Shirakura Ebi Dama Special
Supplementary feed for shrimps and crayfish is a herbal product. It is high in amino acids, natural vitamins and minerals, for health, growth, colourfulness and good reproduction of the animals.
Contrary to regular Ebi Dama, Ebi Dama Special also contains wild cabbage, several types of sea algae and is particularly high in calcium.
Seaweed, Cereal, Vegetables, Vegetable by-products, Spirulina
Analytical Constituents:
30,8% crude protein, 3,9% crude fat, 12,2% raw fibre, 19,5% crude ash, 7% moisture
Feed Ebi Dama Special twice a day in small amounts, but only as much as the shrimps can eat within one or two hours. If all shrimps are full, feed leftovers should as a principle be removed from the aquarium.

A new food in the Ebi-dama 'Special' series specifically designed to strengthen coloration, to be fed weekly with a normal diet of vegetables and other Shirakura foods.
It contains natural color enhancers like astaxanthin and calcium, as well as natural vitamins and minerals! Feed this in conjunction with Shirakura foods and clean cool water to see your shrimp as colorful as they've ever been!
Seaweed powder, natural vitamins and minerals, astaxanthin, calcium
Feed Ebi Dama Vivid twice a day in small amounts, but only as much as the shrimps can eat within one or two hours. If all shrimps are full, feed leftovers should as a principle be removed from the aquarium.

Biseibutsu No Moto baby food
Especially designed for baby shrimps with lots of important ingredients, which baby shrimps need particularly within their first few weeks to ensure a healthy growth.

Apart from that, is also supports the growth of microorganisms and the mostly invisible microbes which dispose of food residues and excrement and are an important part of the shrimps' as well as of the baby shrimps' diet.

How popular and important this is for the shrimps can be witnessed if you carefully dig up the substrate with your hand. It often only takes a few seconds until the shrimps will gather in exactly this spot to cover their need for animal proteins by eating the now available microorganisms and microbes. In order to ensure this food basis permanently and in sufficient amounts, it is recommended to regularly feed Biseibutsu no moto (Please also see feeding recommendations).

Quote from Study of the University for Fisheries Science
Studies by students of the University for Fisheries Science in Hokkaido/Japan have shown that in those aquariums where Shirakura's Biseibutsu no moto - rearing feed was used, significantly more baby shrimps survived and also developed better than in aquariums without the additional feeding of Biseibutsu no moto. In their microscopical research they discovered that the population of the microorganisms which are particularly important for baby shrimps was more than ten times higher when feeding Biseibutsu no moto than in a comparable aquarium without Chi Ebi. Further observations and positive side effects were the enhanced colour of the shrimps as well as crystal clear water.
60 cm aquarium: 1 level spoon* per day
100 cm aquarium: 1 heaped spoon* per day
Vary depending on how many animals the aquarium houses

Shirakura Red Bee Bacter
A beneficial bacterial supplement to help along an aquarium that is suffering from mystery deaths, low rate of survival for babies, and low activity in shrimp.
Aids in the decomposition of organic matter in the substrate and water. Not only the decomposition of nitrite, ammonia, and organic matter, also is food for beneficial bacteria to aid in the growth of juvenile shrimp and increase shrimp survival rate.

Usage: Comes with 6 tea bags packed with bacteria, use 1 teabag per 50 liters (~13 gallons), and let it soak for 2 days before removing the teabag from the aquarium. The bacteria will remain in effect for one week.

Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+
Adds vital minerals to the aquarium water and raises its overall hardness (dGH). Especially when using very soft water, a lack of minerals is well-known to occur quite quickly and Shrimps might suffer from loss of colour and molting problems. The important microorganisms in the filter and in the substrate become inactive and the water quality decreases. A water hardness (KH) of 0-2 is recommended for breeding bee shrimps, as is a pH-value of less than 7 in order to avoid the formation of ammoniac. However, achieving these values, the overall hardness (dGH) often gets too low. In this case it is recommended to harden the water with Liquid Mineral Ca+ in order to avoid the death of the shrimps. The water hardness (KH) is not influenced by this. Mr. Shirakura furthermore recommends maintaining an overall hardness (dGH) of 5 or more for a healthy and strong skin.

Example of usage:
For a new aquarium, add 5 ml (about 60 droplets) of Liquid Mineral Ca+ per 10 l water. For existing aquariums with shrimps, add this dose over several days. Prepare exchange water mixture beforehand.
1 drop of Liquid Mineral Ca+ to 1 liter water raises the general hardness (GH) by about 1° dGh.
I've have had great luck with 1ml per gallon to make a GH of 4-5.

Tantora Shrimp Products!
Tantora Dried Mulberry Leaves - (10) $6.50
Tantora Dried Guava Leaves - (10) $6.50
Tantora Banana Leaves - (10) $7
Tantora Catappa Bark - (20g) $9
Tantora Catappa log - (2) $20
Tantora Catappa Leaves 3 sizes available:
Nano - (15) $6
Medium - (10) $5.50
Medium - (50) $14
Extra Large - (10) $6
New stock of the following expected today/tomorrow:
[STRIKE]Extra Large - (50) $18 SOLD OUT[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Tantora White Mineral Stone (Montmorillonite) $11 SOLD OUT

Tantora Dried Mulberry Leaves - (10 leaves) $6.50
Mulberry leaves are some of the best foods that proves beneficial to health. Benefits are due to its dense nutrient content like, Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2; minerals such as Magnesium , Zinc, Iron and Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. That is the reason why nutrients from mulberries are widely used in health cuisine and herbal medicine for health and functioning of the body system.
Mulberry leaves Tantora uses as raw material are from organic mulberry trees. These mulberry leaves are grown as food for silkworms in Thailand. Tantora’s leave are hygienic and free of chemical residues, thus, very good food for dwarf shrimps.
Natural food for all Dwarf Shrimps
High Minerals, Fiber and Vitamins.
Helps to built Shrimp shell.
Aids the molting process.
Nutrient analysis:
Protein 22.60%
Carbohydrate 42.25%
Fat 4.57%
Fiber 24.23%

Usage Instructions
1.Boil mulberry leaves in hot water for 5-10 minute. Let them cool.
2.Put into the fish tank as food for shrimps.
3.Replace mulberry leaves once they are completely eaten.

Tantora Dried Guava Leaves - (10 leaves) $6.50
Natural food for shrimp, also great bacterial prevention.
100% organic cultivate, no pesticides!

Usage :
1.Boil about 10-15 minutes. Let them cool.
2.Put into the fish tank as food for shrimps.
3.Replace Guava leaves once they are completely eaten.

Prevent Bacteria Vibrio the cause of many diseases in shrimp.
Prevent and eliminate luminous bacteria in shrimp.
A good source of natural food for shrimp.

Tantora Banana Leaves - (10) $7
are dried, raw, and organic. These leaves provide similar benefits to Catappa, Indian Almond, leaves in that they reduce water pH and relieve stress in fish and invertebrates. The leaves have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Soak 1-3 pieces in 1 gallon of water for 1-2 days. Use the resulting water as an additive to your aquarium.

Note: This product is all natural and organic (NO pesticides!). Each leaf is hand collected and inspected for quality and purity. Each is unique and may vary in appearance from the sample photo.

Let’s get to know some of the many benefits of Catappa
Catappa is great for shrimp, many shrimp breeders use Catappa Bark to help control PH. It Relieves aquarium stress for fish and shrimps. Stress is one critical factor which leads to high mortality rate of aquarium animals.
Mimic the natural habitat of fish and shrimp. Make them feel like living in their natural environment.
Rich in Tannin! Has antibacterial and antifungal properties and help reduce the chance of bacterial infections and improve aquarium health.
Stimulate reproduction rate
With so many benefits, these are the reasons why Tantora Catappa products popular among aquarium shrimp hobbyists. Tantora’s organic products are well –known in European and US market for over 5 years. Tantora products have been trusted among shrimp and fish breeding communities.

Tantora Catappa Bark $9
Catappa bark differs from Catappa leave as the bark will immediately sink to the bottom of the tank. It will gradually release nutrients for shrimps and fish. In addition, it serves and habitats for shrimps. The barks will become soft if left soaking in water for over 5 days, which then will become a great shrimp food source.
Catappa bark sticks are 0.8-1 cm wide and 8 cm long. Use 1 piece per 20-30G.
Usage :
1.Boil about 10-15 minutes. Let them cool.
2.Put into the fish tank as food for shrimps.

One of my new favorite products!
Tantora Catappa log - (2 logs) $20

1.5 cm in diameter and 10 cm long.
Recommended 1 package for up to 100Gallons!
Shrimp LOVE these logs!!

Tantora Catappa Leaves Premium Grade
(Other Names : Indian Almond Leaf, IAL, Ketapang Leaf, Sweet Almond Leaf, Sea Almond Leaf, Badamier Leaf, Seemandelbaumblätter , Huu Kwang)

Catappa Leaves comes in 3 sizes :
Nano 15 leaves - $6
Medium 10 leaves - $5.50
Medium 50 leaves - $14
Extra Large 10 leaves - $6
[STRIKE]Extra Large 50 Leaves - $18 SOLD OUT[/STRIKE] new stock expected today/tomorrow

Why Tantora’s Catappa Leaves are better than others available?
1. Tantora’s Catappa Leaves were collected within 24 hours after they fell.
2. Tantora’s Catappa Leaves were cleaned by hand.
3. Tantora’s Catappa Leaves dont have any fungus spots.
4. Tantora’s Catappa Leaves are flat, not crumbled, and are easy to store.

Each leaf has been put through hygienic cleaning process. Well-selected only smooth surface leaves and easy to store.

The leaves come in 3 sizes suitable for different sizes of tanks.
Nano size suits to smaller tanks. Recommend using 1 leaf per 2-4G
Medium size (Leave size : 4”-7” ) suits to medium size tanks. Recommend using 1 leaf per 8-10G.
XL size ( Leave size : 7”-12”) suits to larger tanks. Recommend using 1 leaf per 15G.

First, choose leaf size that suits to the size of your tank and water volume. After putting the leaf into the tank, it will gradually release substances benefits to fish and shrimps. The water may turn yellowish and eventually light brown while tannis is released. The leaf will sink to the bottom of the tank within 24 hours and will soften after a few days, beneficial bacteria will consume the leave which will be nutritious organic food for shrimp.

Tip : For shrimp breeders who’d like to feed their shrimp with Catappa leaves without tannis darkening the water, try putting boiling the leaves for 10-20 minutes before putting it in the tank. Best to have a few leafs at a time in different stages of decay.

[STRIKE]Tantora White Mineral Stone (Montmorillonite) .25lbs/113grams - $11 SOLD OUT[/STRIKE] new stock expected today/tomorrow

Tantora White Mineral Stone is a clay mineral composite of Montmorillonite. This clay is derived from geologic tectonic plate activity, volcanic action and river hydrolysis. Montmorillonite silicate has attracted and attached potent mineral nutrients from mountain soils and streams. The nutrients in White Mineral Stone have properties to absorb toxins and improve water clarity. White Mineral Stone once dissolved into water provides trace minerals necessary for coloration and health of ornamental shrimps.

Benefits of Tantora White Mineral Stone
1.Absorb toxins in the tank onto the clay particles which helps improve water quality and clarity.
Montmorillonite has powerful adsorption and absorption powers. Naturally, White Mineral Stone has a negative charge inside the layers of the stone, while toxins have positive ions. The negative-ion White Mineral Stone will attract positive ions of toxins and bind them. Toxins commonly found in the aquarium include Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrite, Methane and other wastes.

2.Contains sufficient nutrients that encourage growth, health and higher survival rates of the shrimps.
White Minerals Stone consists of minerals required for shrimps includes:
Si (Silicon) is main nutrient in building shrimp’s exoskeleton. Shrimp’s shell will be hardened after molting period.
Mg (Magnesium) is activator of several enzyme systems and digestion for shrimp. Normalize shrimp’s metabolism.
Ca (Calcium) is vital in the shell building process and helps regulate pH balance.
Na (Sodium) is essential nutrient in improving shrimp’s osmoregution.

3.Reduce poisonous substances in the water. Improve shrimp’s health and enhance coloration.

Usage Instruction:
Tantora White Mineral Stones function best when it is saturated with water.
Leave Tantora White Mineral Stones underwater to swell with water for 30 minutes before putting it to the tank. This will prevent cracking and breaking of the stone.
Recommend to use 100g of White Mineral Stone per 13-18G.
Replace after 4-6 months.
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