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EBI journal

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Got the tank back up and starting to take shape. Here is were I sit as of today.
Equipment Running;
Eheim 250 filter
ADA Mini P-2 and V-1 lily pipes
GLA CO2 Regulator
Inline Diffuser
Inline Heater

In The Tank;
Aqua Soil
[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Dwarf Hairgrass[/FONT]
Dwarf Hairgrass
Tiger Lotus
Narrow Leaf Chain Sword
Unzan Stone
Texas Driftwood

Here is the most up-to-date photo;

All Advise and suggestions are welcome.

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haha looking good. I kept looking at you pic trying to figure out what was on the back wall. Then I remembered that it comes with that. I guess I've looked at mine so much I forgot about the foam wall decor.
Nice start to the tank.
I have been doing the dry start method for almost 4 weeks now and not much growth. What is in there looks great right now but I was hoping for more. Adding the water when the rest of the parts come. Hopefully some circulating water and co2 help it grow.
Water is in the Tank. Pictures to come later tonight.
Coming together slowly.

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maybe move the lamp tot the back of the tank and remove background? good start though!
Lamp it temporary. Going to buy a LED light soon.
Sorry again for the crap pictures. Getting a nice camera soon.

Added some Fish


3 Harlequin Rasbora

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Not to harp on tank sizes and such, but harlequins are more suited for 20 gallon tanks. They like large schools and long tanks.

I love your tank though. I've wanted an EBI for a while. I love fluval products.

From MABJ's iPhone
2G Fluval Spec ~ fauna and flora in the works!
similar equipment in my fluval flora. also growing hc, and have 3 harlequins. maybe we can help each other if problems arise.
Glosso did not make it. Looking to replace it with some other carpeting plant or moss. Added some tiger lotus and a crypt (can anyone identify it). Also took out the betta and added some Barbs and tetras. Also added 2 Zebra Nerita Snails.
Give me some tips on what you would do, and let me know what you think of the tank.
Thanks Mike.

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Nice, betta and I like the tree stump.
That looks like a lot of fish for such a small ecosystem.
That looks like a lot of fish for such a small ecosystem.
+1.. Exactly what stocking do you have in there? It is only like 8 gallons right?
Currently I have 5 Barbs, 2 tetras and 1 harlequins who is leaving on Tuesday to a new home, So 7 once he leaves.
I have 7 barbs in a 40B and they still fight for territory sometimes...
They're all schooling fish.. The only fish appropriate for a taller 7g is a small schooling fish like a micro rasbora.

I'd remove the barbs, and I don't know why you'd keep tetras that wont have schooling mates.
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