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can u tell me the name of some easy to grow low light plants that i will be able to buy online
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My experience:

wendtii crypt
dwarf lily (probably most lilies)

See the low-tech forum for more ideas. Welcome and have fun!
Also, just read about this on the swap n shop forum:

I would try to buy plants on the swap n shop when available.
java moss, java ferns, anacharis, hornwort, asian ambulia
will amazon swords grow in low light because ive read there easy to grow and i like them
Most swords do OK in low light. I've grown many using those simple "plant grow" or "life grow" bulbs available at pet stores. That said, you'll still need a good substrate or root tab to keep a sword healthy. Without proper root nutrition, swords spin out in a few months, despite continuous growth.

My #1 recommendation for an easy plant: Hygrophila polysperma. As non fussy as a plant gets. Bright green, leafy, and has "algae beating" tendencies.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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