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Hello, happy Easter!!! I have a ton of plants for sale, the anubias mostly have some algae from being next to an uncovered window since i moved 2 months ago and sigh, I hate my brother. did a bleach dip yesterday. also, they were growing outisde of my 75! :O

about 3 bunches of Narrow Leaf Java Fern, easy and pretty but slow grower. $25/bunch

Bolbitis Heudelotii, grows quite tal, reaches the top of the 75, 2 bunches for $25 ea,

Cryptocoryne Crispatula var. Balansae "Red", you can see the red leaves are quite nice on top, $15ea

Shipping is $8
can do package deal, payment via paypal only, no gift payments. shipping via usps 2-3 days to most of the states and the weather is perfect right now to send out!
thank you, photos coming soon

will post photos shortly.
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