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Are these real?
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I need to clear out some of the plant mass in my 250. Here is what I have:

  • Anubias nana (at least 3 rhizomes with leaves)
  • Crypt wendtii Green (several plants, with a bit Ancistrus damage)
  • Crypt wendtii Bronze (one plants, ditto)
  • Hygro angustifolia (1 stem/piece)
  • Lagarosiphon madagascariensis
  • Pellia (weed or plant? you decide)
  • Two-leafed Pearlweed (possible ground cover)
  • Java moss
  • Nasty ball of Pellia/Fissidens/mosses
  • Nice ball of Mini Pellia
  • Mini Sword (Lilaeopsis?)
  • Perhaps a few other random things drifting through my tanks

Shipped via lightly insulated priority box for $18 paypal. Mind your weather, if the package is sitting in a 140F mailbox for a few hours it will resemble cooked spinach. Snails algae bacteria and whatnot are included free of charge

I will ship Monday 5/19. Any questions or for payment info please send PM.
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