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Easy Carpet Plants

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What are some easy carpets? I'd like something under 3" tall if possible. I would prefer not to trim, but I guess I would if I really liked the plants.

If you have picture examples, that would be wonderful! :)

Edit to add - I have no C02 system, 4x55w PC lighting, if that helps.
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I hear marselia minuta is easy to grow, I'm looking to get some after failing at both glosso and HC.
Oh jeez. Okay, thanks.

I should also add that I use Excel and dry ferts.
I hear marselia minuta is easy to grow
It was for me, even with low light (I did have ferts, and CO2), I could get this stuff to grow, and spread.
I would Say the easiest of all time is Dwarf Sags, Looks great too, Or dwarf Hairgrass
I'm leaning towards dwarf hairgrass or ..what's it called.. dwarf swords? I'd really like something pretty short since the top of the substrate is just about eye level from the regular viewing point (sofa). If that makes sense?? Anything above that is looking up at an angle.
Also, does anyone have info on the stuff that is H. Micro..something. Same "H" as HC. Sorry, I'm still a newb. I could barely find any info on it online. It was listed in an older thread for low tech ground covers.
hemianthus micranthemoides - also known as pearl grass. You'll see it listed in the for sale/trade section as HM.
Thanks. That's why I couldn't find much info. It was misspelled when it was posted, and google didn't show an alternative spelling.
Anyone have experience with micro swords?
I looked at those, and I just get overwhelmed. :-(
Dwarf sag, hairgrass, glosso, or microsword
First, I need to thank eyebeatbadgers for posting those and making me look at them again! The last time, I got frustrated without reading the whole thread. So, now I found this, and I'm pretty sure it's what I'm going to use, if I can find it.

Lilaeopsis mauritius

It sounds like it has lower light needs than micro swords, and is faster growing.
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Dwarf sag would be my choice its kind of a "plant it and forget it" kinda plant. Plant it, and it doesnt take long to cover a large area. Be darn sure you get the true dwarf sag though, some "dwarf sag" I have purchased got up to 18 inches tall.
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