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Easy budget CO2!!! questions

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Ok... im looking to start up a very simple hard water planted talk with eco substrate. 20L, random live bearers, can someone send me a set of links to a regulator, tank ,diffuser etc. For a good deal. Im looking for decent products but not top of the line stuff. Any input would be appreciated. 65 watt coralife 6500k is the light.

Oh yea, lots of java and crypts and anubias and other really easy plants. Thats it!!! I know theyll survive w/o CO2 but I want them to thrive!!!!

Mainly crypts
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I'm thinking the guy who last had that deal to offer found a buyer already. What you are wanting is what 98% of folks want so you may have to do a bit more study to cut the size of the question down a touch.
Since a good deal depends on what you want, that might be a place to start looking. Do you want to buy it ready made or buy parts and put it together?
Right now there might be about 4600 correct answers to your question.
I spent about $120 for my my Co2 setup. I got the Aquatek co2 regulator mini for my 20 oz paintball Co2 cylinder. I got it from amazon, and co2 tank from a sporting store. My co2 diffuser was like 6 bucks I think. It works wonders for me!
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