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Anyone in the area interested in trading some plant clippings. I've got the following available after today's trim:

Echinodorus tennellus (Narrow Leaf Chain Sword)
Heteranthera zosterifolia (stargrass)
Eleocharis acicularis(Dwarf Hairgrass) both Potted or submersed
Marsilea Minuta
Hydrocotyle sp. ''Japan"
Peacock moss
Salvinia (floater)

Clippings come from CO2 injected, EI, med light tanks.

I'm at exit 62 of LIE, but am out in Riverhead/Laurel on Sundays. I would be interested in meeting up and trading rather then throwing so much plant mass away each week. Any plants I don't currently have in a tank would interest me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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