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e. tenellus doesn't have the shoots going up anymore

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so i purchased some e tenellus chain sword a while ago and it grows like crazy in any of my tanks i put it in, thing is it doesn't throw up the little shoot things with the little bulbs on them like it had when i bought it. i think if i remember correctly that it still shot some up while it was in the tank i had put it in originally, but i'd since gotten rid of that particular tank and moved it around to a few different tanks and it has never shot the little bulbs up again. i'm assuming that the little shoots with the bulb things is its method of flowering or something. is it not getting enough light maybe? it still sends tons of runners and is super healthy looking to me. anyone have any suggestions?
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That would make sense if the supplier had grown them emersed, because yea under different light levels in different substrate, with some co2 without, anything I haven't seen any. That's kinda too bad actually, I like the little bulbs. Oh well.
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