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Dying Panda Cories

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Well for the past few weeks, my panda cories have been slowly dying off. Im not too sure why either as I have had them for about 7 months now, started off with 10 and now i have about 4-5 left.

My tank is has pressurized Co2 on a timer with EI dosing. Ive been feeding them regularly sinking wafers which they normally ate, but now it seems they dont eat the food. THey started looking skinny and a little pale, legathic and listless, and they dont play anymore.

I looked at a dead one and its stomache was empty and it had little red spots on its body, kinda like blood.

So any advice?
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Parasites maybe? Sounds like some kind of parasite.
i vote parasites. That is not normal behavior and there must be something causing them to lose energy and deffer them from eating.
parasite and bacterial infections can cause loss of appetite. Nitrate/Ammonia levels could be high and not enough o2 can also cause lack of appetite/energy.
Try adding Metadaniozle to the food asap.
Feed some frozen food and soak it good in this.
They came in with them, likely from the wholesaler's food supply etc.

Tom Barr
What do your nitrates run? I also dose EI and lose Pandas when my nitrates get higher (around 30-40ppm) which is usually just a result of not doing water changes in a timely manner. :rolleyes: The empty stomachs do sound like it could be internal parasites though.
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