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Yet again faced with massive amounts of dwarf water lettuce and a desire not to just toss it all, so here's another sale!

Grown in low tech, low light. I'm now dosing PPS-Pro 3 days a week. Small chance of algae in the roots and/or snail eggs/babies (ramshorn and MTS) but I've been able to remove most of it in previous shipments. Nothing a dip won't take care of. I also clip most roots.

Asking just 30 cents/piece, $2.10 minimum (that's 7 pieces). I tend to add plenty of extra pieces, tell me if you don't want them. Also tell me if you don't want larger pieces ("mother" plants, I guess). USPS shipping to US only (not HI, sorry). $7.50 priority flat rate.

I can fit up to 75 pieces + extras into a small flat rate box. If you order more than that I'll split it into two, unless you want a single medium box (same price, $15) which will take me a little bit to get.

Payment via Paypal only, I'll send you my Paypal email when you message me to order.

In case of DOA, to receive refund excluding shipping cost:
-- Package must be received on first delivery attempt within 3 days of shipping.
-- Buyer must send clear pictures of dead plants on original paper towel (opened OK as they would be impossible to see otherwise) next to my shipping label within two hours of delivery time.


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