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Hello all! I'm a planted nano tank keeper and this is my absolute favorite forum, a guilty pleasure, the place where I spend all my time .. every spare minute when I should be working. I'm an e-commerce business who ships my items all over the world. I'm online for work so it's way too tempting to sneak over to this forum! Thanks to all for the awesome knowledge.

This tank is a 7.5g cube dirted with Miracle Grow Organic Mix with a gravel cap, planted with assorted snails - MTS and pond snails. A very small 6 maybe group of CPD will be added as soon as I can find them.

This is an almost brand new set up although the plants are from an existing long time 2 gallon set up. Currently it has a huge and extremely happy group of Rotala and the mass of moss in the front is Christmas moss. No more plants as they're already threatening to take over all available space in the tank. It's so strange but this brand new tank, it was set up only 4 weeks ago today seems exactly like the old one but everything IS the same except for fresh dirt. I transferred plants, gravel, a simple HOB filter for some movement and a compact flourescent 6500w bulb from Home Depot. I do daily or every other day very small water changes just because I like to keep my hands wet. And then a once a week 50% change. This set up has always been insanely happy with very little time invested or issues at all. The plants grow like crazy with almost zero algea and perfect water parameters. The plants gobble up all the nitrates which give me a fit in my other tank, as there are nitrate in my source water. I use remineralized RO for my other tank just to keep nitrates under control. In THIS tank the plants consume them, just as they're supposed to do ... to the point that I have to actually add them back in.

My question has to do with the dwarf water lettuce which I love ... it grows like crazy but I've noticed recently that leaf edges sometimes dry out (you can see in pic) and the new leaves have dark veining like there's an iron deficiency or something else? This tank has brand new dirt and the nutrients are (should be) more than abundant. Does anyone have any idea why they're doing this?
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