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About myself:
I am fairly new to this forum, but I have years of experience in keeping and breeding shrimps, selling and shipping. You can check my feedback from My user name is the same Dreamer_yoyo
Feel free to contact me asking question and sharing your experience in keeping shrimps. You can follow my blog as well
My shrimp tanks water parameters:
Temp about 72
pH: about 6.5
gH 4-5
kH 0-1
tds 150-200
Substrate I use: Fluval Stratum or Flora Base
Shrimps for sale:
10 A-S Crystal Red Shrimp, size 0.8cm-1.2cm $35
10 SS Crystal Red Shrimp size 0.8cm-1.2cm $50
10 SSS Crystal Red Shrimp size 0.8cm-1.2cm $60
10 Snow White Shrimp size 1.2cm $80.00
unlike gold bee shrimp, snow white shrimps are nice and solid white color ***
10 Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp size 0.8-1.2cm $80.00
10 Black TiBee Shrimp size 1.2cm $80.00
My Tibee Shrimp = Orange Eye Blue Tiger X Taiwan Bee Mischillings. Check out my post "tibee shrimp" or my blog for more information about my tibee shrimps project. For sale are F2/F3, offsprings could be black tibee shrimp, red tibee shrimp, and possible pinto shrimps.
10 Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp size 0.8-1.2cm $200
More information available: check out my post or my blog.
My lines: I started with ebiten, then introduce in crimson & benibachi.
10 Taiwan Bee mischilling 0.8-1.2cm $40.00
6 Mature Taiwan Bee mischilling (large mature size) $80.00

Large Size Shrimp:
10 Amano Algae Cleaner Shrimp Large Size about 1.25'' Wild $40.00


USPS Priority Express Mail
Shipping Fee depends on destination, would be from $25.00 - $40.00
$25.00 for the States: MA, ME, VT, NH, RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE​

Priority shipping $15.00.

Feel free to email me your zip code for shipping quote.
Pro package Ship with breathable bag in insulated box.

Live arrival guarantee for express shipping. Make sure that someone is at home to receive the package.

In case of DOA, please take a clear photo and send to me within two hours after you receive the order. Shipping fee is nonrefundable. Buyer is responsible for reshipping.

Shirakura Shrimp food and supplies:

Shirakura Ebi Dama 80g $18.00
Shirakura Ebi Dama 30g $11.00
ura Ebi Dama Specia 30g $18.00
Shirakura Microorganism Baby Shrimp Food Bottle 18.00
Shirakura White Mineral Powder $18.00
Shirakura Shrimp Mineral Liquid $18.00
Shrimp food/supplies shipping USPS first class $3.00. Combined Shipping available if you get shrimp and food/supplies together.

Thank you for visiting!

Let me know any question. PM me or email me.
A-S Crystal Red Shrimp​
SS Crystal Red Shrimp​
SSS Crystal Red Shrimp​
Snow White Shrimp​
Orange Eye Blue Tiger​
Black Tibee Shrimp​
Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp​
Shirakura Product​
Amano Algae Cleaner Shrimp
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