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Hello all,

Figured I would give back to the great community and do a RAOK :).

What's included;

10 rooted plants dwarf sag..very healthy, grows very low to substrate

1 golfball of Java moss

4-5 rooted stems of hydrocotyle japan, minimal algae

1 lonely floater of duckweed

3 of blyxa japonica(2 small, 1 medium)
PLUS I might throw in other random trimmings.

All plants come this tank that is snail free co2 injected with high lights. Minimal algae.

Just pay 6$ shipping and they're yours! I'll ship out tomorrow or Monday(whatever you prefer). Sorry, no DOA so watch your weather!

Whoever PM's me first gets the package!! Please post here after you message me.

Thanks!! :)

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