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Dwarf Sag Growth

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I currently have a 20 gallon with miracgle grow organic soil capped with rock substrate, 60 watts of lighting, diy co2 and root tabs. I get about a new little leaf every 3 days. Im just wondering if this is considered to be fast growth? Should I start to dose with iron or potassium?
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I would say that's a pretty fast growth. Mine aren't even growing :/
How long have you had them?
I've had them for a while.

Your growth seems normal/fast
Alright ill quit being so impatient ha
Once the plant is well-rooted, it will grow faster.
I've had it since early June. I hope that by now its root structure has grown
My dwarf sag took a while to start growing, but once it finally did, it has really taken off.

I planted 4 dwarf sag originally, about a month later I still didn't have anything. I was beginning to think something was wrong, then last week, 4 turned into 8. Just noticed two more coming up today.
Good to hear. Hoping this is the case for me too ha
Just in case anyone was looking at this thread. My dwarf sag really did start taking off. I now have 11 runners all over the tank and notice a new one almost daily or every other day. It just took mine about 2 months to really grow.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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