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Dwarf sag and Vals

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i have soft water and a 6.5 ph to 6.9 ph in my 10 gallon planted tank. it is a dirted tank that is capped with fluorite. my lugwia and amazons are doing great but my sage and vals dont seem to grow very tall or spreed out. i also have medium light and i dose ferts. what is wrong . i heard that gh has something to do with it. i heard that valls and sage like harder watter. is this ture.
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You are in Illinois. If in the Chicago area, the tap water will grow fantastic Val and Sag. As well as many other plants.
How is it that you water is about neutral. Is it softened? If so, it will cause real issues trying to grow plants.
my water is very hard so i have to used distilled that i then bufffer and a little replenish addd replinish othere wuse u cant cave tetras rams and angles the ph of the tap water is 8 ph
So is it possible to grow Val's and sag in soft low ph water
IMO both dwarf sag and Italian vals are very hardy plants. You should be able to grow them in most conditions without excessive light or CO2.

Just be prepared for some melt-age if you get your plants from a source that hasn't grown them in super soft water like yours.
Well my corc Val's won't grow tall and my sag won't spread
I add frets have a nice substrate and decent light. Weekly water changes and I still cannot grow sag or Val's. I know that the melt but it has been two months and really nothing new has happened short small roots
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