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Dwarf Puffers with Amanos

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Looking for some more perspectives on this. I'm aware that DPs are known as shrimp killers, but others keep shrimp with them peacefully. Amanos seem to be one of the species that people have better luck with keeping the two together. The store I go to has some pretty large amanos (1.5"+) so I was planning on getting 3-4 and letting them settle in for a couple weeks before getting the DPs. The tank is a 20L. Anyone have bad stories to caution this?
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YMMV. My 4 DPs ignore RCS.
Just go heavily planted, and you are already doing the right thing by putting the shrimp in first. My DP's live with a little colony of cherry shrimp which they don't touch. They do however enjoy running around their tank all day and through the plants.
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