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Dwarf Puffer

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Greetings all,

I have a bit of a situation here. I own a beautiful green Dwarf Puff. It needs a new home. Just becoming to aggressive for the type of tank I would like to have. These are the requirements that a Puffer needs If your able to give this special fish this type of a home, he is yours. I live in central Florida come get him free of charge. Just bring a good transport with some plants in it. It's sad to see this fish go, I don't want to just drop it in a pet store but I'm sure he will get a good happy home. The one that is being given away is on your left side of the screen (bigger spotted one). I'm in Brevard County Florida. Let me know if your interested. Thank you.



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I just removed my out of my tank because he's harrassing all the other fishes. I'll probably going to give him away too.
Yeah, says that they are not aggresive and that reports as such are wrong. BS!!!! Dwarf Puffers are very aggressive, I had two and had to separate them because I thought they were going to kill each other. The small one has eaten all the shrimp in his tank, 3 cherries and a ghost shrimp, and it was a little nippy at the oto when he was first added but seems to ignore him now, so yeah, you gotta watch those little guys.
yeah... mine was not aggressive at first - but only because he was practically emaciated! puffers are supposed to be more than just a head with a bit of a tail sticking out the back... he fattened right up... I don't know where he is now, though... he might be dead... But I have no idea. I had put him in my snail-infested, heavily planted 20 gallon with some ottos... He could still be in there...
Is it me or does the pic not look like dwarf puffs? How big are your "dwarf puffers" ? Those in the pic look somewhat larger and have different patterns than the ones that dwarf puffers have.
Those are not dwarf puffers. Those are small GSP or green spotted puffers. At that size they should be in brackish, as adults they go to marine. If you need any further info on puffers I have been keeping many of the species that have been on the market for the past 7 years.
I wish I lived close to you, I would take them in a second! I love puffers. I have a 54 gallon corner tank with a Fahaka puffer that is about 6".
I do also wish you were closer. I havent had any bites on this offer.Im just lookig for a good home for this fellow

Big Rich
Dwarf Puffers are really easy going fish. I have 5 in a tank with several other fish. You need to kee a steady supply of snails, blood worms, small earth worms, krill, and some dried foods for them tobe happy.
The next larger, green spotted puffer is a different story, but they are not as aggressive as some might lead to be believe. Puffers require a regular diet and change everyonce and awhile. You must keep them happy with snails at least every third day or so. It is one of their main favorites. Like someone with a Coke-Cola are really simple fish and add agreat deal of entertainment.

I have 1 dwarf puffer in a planted 55 gal with about 20 other fish. he's not aggressive, just hungry. its staple are the countless pond snails in the tank supplemented with weekly frozen brine shrimp feedings. a full dwarf puffer (pea puffer) will not bother fish if it has other viable options.
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