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Dwarf Puffer jumped ship :(

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Hi guys,

I'm really of my dwarf puffers was found on the floor outside of my Spec V... i had 2 in there, and they were best buds. swam around together ALL the time and really seemed happy.

Now that there is only one left, he seems very depressed (is this possible?) mainly hides in a cave area, and barely comes out when i come by the tank. they used to both be very curious and see whats going on whenever anyone was near the tank. do you guys think its a good idea to get another dwarf puffer soon? i'm really bummed, but i know it happens..
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thanks for the kind words everyone. the spec v may be too small, so i'll let some plants grow in for some breaks in line of sight before getting another puffer.

its my first tank in about 6 years, i forgot how attached you can get to your fish!
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