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Dwarf puffer a pain to feed

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How do I get my dwarf puffer to eat anything else but snails?

I can't get them to eat tubifex, grindal, or any frozen foods. Anyway to wean them?
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I would just give them a few days of just the frozen food you want to feed them and they'll come around. My DPs also ignore the frozen stuff when the snails are around. They love bloodworms so try frozen bloodworms.
I had mixed luck with my puffers.. a couple could be weaned onto frozen food, but one refused any food besides snails. I eventually set up a 5 gallon bucket with an airstone and random clippings just for snails. Worked well for a food farm.
try frozen blood puff devoures them:)
I bought another one and LOL! Now hes the opposite, doesn't eat snails but eats worms. It eats the snails eyes cuz he thinks they are worms but doesn't finish off the snail.

This is getting frustrating
My figure 8s and indian dwarf puffers loved Tetramin Tropical crisps. The fig 8 would eat snails but the dwarves wouldn't. They both loved daphnia and ostracods for treats.
Prepared foods aren't really good diets for puffers.

Try live blackworms.
as with all fish, when newly introduced they might be shy or have become very timid.
if they wont take to frozen foods straight away try giving them live foods first, this usaully helps a fish to settle in and can then be put onto frozen foods without a fuss.

i had 4 dwarf puffers and 2 figure8 puffers.
they wer all fed on live bloodworms and live blackworms first and then they took happily to frozen foods within a few weeks. even brineshrimp.

good luck
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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