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Dwarf Neon Rainbows

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SO....I stop at the lfs yesterday and they had 3 fish Ive had my eye on recently. Dwarf Neon Rainbows....Ottos...and Pygmy Cories

The Ottos unfortunately were on hold because the mollies in their tank were having issues so the whole tank was on hold. They offered to sell me some anyway with no guarantee but I declined.

So I picked up 8 of the dwarf neon rainbows and 8 of the pygmy cories.
They are all in the quarantine tank for now. Its a 40 breeder...sponge filter....heater at 75...couple hand fulls of gravel nowhere near enough to even cover 1/4 of the bottom and I tossed in about a dozen small java fern from another tank.

The Rainbows I swear seem like they are trying to spawn. Which seems odd just coming from a LFS tank less than 24 hours ago.
They are only about an inch long. Small enough I felt safe putting the half grown pygmy cories in with them.

What size/age will these rainbows spawn? Think its worth trying to get a couple eggs?
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Might be due to the change in water parameters that triggered the spawn.

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cool....just discovered I have 9 rainbows not 8....gotta love when they miscount in your favor lol
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