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Dwarf Hairgrass Problem

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I planted a bunch of Dwarf Hairgrass in my 3 gallon tank with eco-complete substrate a little over a month ago. Over the past month, the plant hasn't grown at all, and it seems to be browning. Can anyone suggest something I can do to get this thing to grow better?
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what's your lighting power? 3 gallon usually don't have high this plant needs medium-hight direct lighting. you should avoid planting in shaded area.

mine grew nicely but won't spread. maybe beacause i use bigger and random substrate (2-5 mm) with laterite only as root/base fertilizer, lesson learned. they say the finer the better.
Sounds like I have the same problem as MichaelG. I also have eco-complete, roughly 2wpg, and use Excel.
it loves high light, co2 and a rich soil plus ferts. with med light (2.4wpg), min c02 and no ferts, in a 15g, it grows pretty slowly (this is my CRS tank so plant growth is not the goal). in my planted 120g with high light, co2 and daily ferts, it grows like a weed. both use ada aquasoil. tried it in a low tech tank without ferts and co2 and it didnt grow at all.
I have it in a low tech tank sitting by a window and a soil substrate.. It's growing slowly.
Can anyone suggest a very small co2 injection system that I could use in the 3g tank?
it loves high light, co2 and a rich soil plus ferts.
you might want to consider trying a different carpet plant.
even with DIY Co2, eleocharis parvulus grows painfully slow.
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