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But I inserted my 3 root tabs just below the ADA soil in a triangular position at the front, knowing that stem plants at the back don't need root tab.
With ADA soil, I doubt that you need any root tabs at all. Your phosphate is TOO LOW. Try under 5ppm. To get them spread, you must trim them HARD, down to very close to the substrate. You need water flow over them. I am not sure why you need to dose Seachem equilibrium daily since GH does not fluctuate daily. I only add them with my water change, that's it. Dose about .5ppm of iron and I don't see why you need to dose iron twice per day. Try to increase your CO2. I just can't figure out how people can pump 1 bps of CO2 in their tank, not that it can measure anything. I am using a 10lb CO2 tank and I need to refill it once every 3 month. My CO2 level is around 40ppm+ using the kh and ph chart. Borderline OK to gassing my fish...:)
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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