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Dwarf Hairgrass ID

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Don't mind the nasty mulm and algae buildup. My filter was clogged for the better part of the week and circulation sucked bad!

When I received the DHG it was in an emersed form. After trimming, new growth comes in bent/curled.

- Garrett
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Any ideas?

I just trimmed it this morning and I am seeing new runners daily. Looking forward to this taking over. My glosso has been acting strange lately - it once grew horizontally but I left for a week and the top of my tank was blocked out by floaters resulting in all of the plants growing vertically reaching for the light. That was 2 months ago. Trimming and trimming still results in vertical glosso growth with only a few being trained to crawl.
looks like E. Parvula to me
Ok so E. Parvula curves? The seller on eBay told me that it was E. acicularis, but it wasn't the first time that I've been told something and it turn out to be something else.

It was also emersed when I received it, and the blades were straight when previously grown emersed.
mine does. but i'm no expert on the various species that get lumped into being called "Dwarf Hair Grass"
Cool, well I read that E. parvula also stays shorter. I'm hoping that's the case because its my foreground in a 12" high aquarium! I don't need it covering up my background plants.
mine usually maxes out around 5 inches. just trim trim trim. Whenever I cut it, it usually pops out a few runners the next day. helps it to spread.

also, it never flourished until I added pressurized co2
5 inches isn't too bad. I do have pressurized co2 and the plant pearls at the end of the day. I'm getting in some gelatin capsules today so I can make some osmocote root tabs. I'll pop a few underneath the soil where the hairgrass is.

I appreciate the advice Veritas...I'll upload a photo in a week once the new growth comes in - hopefully it still looks like E. parvula :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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