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ive been dealing with a bad case of hair algae on my dhg. a few days after i first
planted it, had a hair algae explosion, but just on the new dhg. i read to give it
a trim then should do fine after. so i gave it a good trim. i had no problem until
now again that the grass has some length 3-4cm, another explosion. so i did
more research some advised 3 day blackout, heavy doses of excel, daily water
changes, and removing what could be removed. this method seemed to have
some affect, but not much. the algae is not affecting any of my other plants just
the dhg. im almost to the point of just pulling it.

any suggestions.


just did some test nitrates are pretty high between 40-80ppm
via - api test

i did a water change earlier today also.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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