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Dwarf Gourami Tank Mates?

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I'll be setting up a 27 gallon long tank sometime, sooner or later. For the moment though, I'm looking into my stocking possibilities. I've become mesmerized with dwarf gouramis and wondered what other tank mates would do well with these fish. I'm open to any and all suggestions.
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You can keep Dwarf G's with just about any smaller community fish. Tetras, guppies, Rasboras, Danios, Otos, etc. etc.

Sometimes G's can show some minor aggression, but I have never seen them actually harm another fish. You could buy faster fish just to be on the safe side if you were worried. Gourami Aggression seems random with each individual fish... I have some that are the nicest fish in the tank, and others that are mean as spit :)
I have 2 powder blue dwarfs, 1 fire red and 1 normal dwarf G's in my 75G. I have 12 CPDs, 5long fin zebra danios, 8 otos, 4 zebra nerites, 8 corys, 2 platys, 3 cherry barbs,1 betta and 12 RCS. All of them go along great. No aggression at all. Was a bit tensed while adding RCS. But noo problems.
No problem at all in my 75g community tank (see signature for livestock list).

One of them is obviously dominant and chases the other out of his territory often, but never any real physical attacks.
Working within the limitations of my tank size, how many different species could I comfortably keep?
I'd also like to add that they're jumpers. I've had a good number jump when I was younger.
Can Dwarf Gouramis live with blue rams or will they fight?
Can Dwarf Gouramis live with blue rams or will they fight?
I had two male dwarf gouramis and two male rams that never bothered each other.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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