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Dwarf Gourami Feeding & Glass Surfing

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I finally got a dwarf Gourami for my Tetra tank and I love it but I am not sure how much to feet it. He has a huge mouth compared to my Tetra and is much larger, is it okay to feed once a day? I feed NLS .5mm pellets and he has no problem gobbling those down but he is a large fish so I am not sure how much to feed him...just as much as he will eat within 1min? Also the tank I have has rounded corners, not much distortion but he spends a lot of time at the corners or on one side glass surfing up and down like a Betta I used ot have. This is annoying and his behavior breaks the zen of my tank, fish do not act like this in the wild up down up down up down, they swim laterally side the side. Any suggestions?

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Well Dwarf gourami are most notably small fish hence the name "Dwarf".
Once a day feeding if fine, and two or three pellet's plenty.
As for swimming up and down the glass, this could be simply adapting to new environment and subside after a few days to a week.
Or could be water quality issues but we have no info on tanks size,how long tank has been running with fish,or water parameter's.
He will get used to his reflection, at the moment he thinks it is another male, and it is stressing him.
That is the reason we use plastic or other non-reflective containers to breed anabantoids.
Thanks everyone

He is housed with 12 Ember Tetra in a 16 gallon tank, the smallest tank I would ever put one in. He eats with the Tetra, very peaceful fish...but I hope they are not prone to overfeeding like Bettas because I keep my Tetra quite plump! I use a pill crusher to crush up NLS pellets, I put it in a pill bottle and use a tiny shrimp food spoon to put some in so I really have no idea how much they get I just make sure there is not too much extra after 1min...whatever is left feeds my shrimps. Since the food is so fine the dwarf Gourami just sucks at the surface like a vacuum skimming the surface.
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