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I've got a Dwarf Flame Gourami in a heavily planted 60g tank along with Harlequin Rasboras, Panda Corys, RCS and lots and lots of snails.

Every once in a while I drop in a couple of algae wafers in areas the kinds of places the RCS like to hang out. The other night I noticed the Flame Gourami was eating pretty heavily at a wafer and chasing off everybody who came to feed except the snails. Tonights I saw him taking nips at my Java Moss and Peacock Moss. I don't mind him eating the Java if that's what he likes. I have plenty of it, but the Peacock Moss isn't growing in fast enough nor do I have a large enough quantity of it for him to do it any real damage.

So, is my gourami actually eating my moss plants (only thing I've seen him pick at) or is he just looking for food amongst the moss?
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