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Grab Bag (Box) Dutch Plant Package(s)

6' long tank below will be chopped to about 1" night before shipping. Differing shades of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. Only a few packages available, generous portions.

Medium 11x8.5x5.5 Flat Rate USPS Priority Box Stuffed FULL - $80 SHIPPED (~18-20 species)

Small 7x7x6 USPS Priority Box Stuffed FULL - $40 SHIPPED (~8-10 species)

Perfect for starting a new tank.

You may get both submersed and emersed plants. All plants are grown in a compost mix with only osmocote tabs, very good root feeders, and no EI dosing required (i.e. all the high maintenance plants I tried already died). Current color based on med-high light, 1bps CO2. May include snails and algae due to lack of maintenance for 2 months+.

Below is only a general (inaccurate) outline, if you really want a species (or foreground plants) PM me and I'll make sure some is in your package, otherwise I'll use my discretion and maximize diversity. You can also send me a pic of your tank or dimensions and parameters, and I'll recommend what I think might work well and look good together.

- Alternanthera Reineckii / Sessilis / Ficoidea
- Ammannia Senegalensis
- Ludwigia Pantanal / Cuba
- Ludwigia Red Sp.
- Ludwigia Arcuata x Repens
- Ludwigia Brevipes
- Ludwigia Atlantis
- Rotala Sp. (H'ra, Colorata, Singapore, Macranda, Caterpillar, Araguaia)
- Rotala Butterfly
- Rotala Indica True
- Rotala Enie
- Rotala Mexicana Goais
- Eichhornia Diversifolia
- Persicaria Sao Paulo
- Persicaria Kawagoeanum
- Limnophila Aromatica
- Limnophila Mini Vietnam
- Lindernia sp India
- Lobelias Cardinalis Mini
- Pogostemon Erectus
- Pogostemon Stellata "Don San"
- Bacopa Salzmannii
- Bacopa Monnieri
- Heteranthera Zosterifolia (Star Grass)
- Lysimachia Nummularia 'Aurea' (Golden Creeping Jenny)
- Staurogyne Repens 49
- others

SHIPPING. Only MON and TUES (to avoid weekend holdover).

Please mind your weather, some plants *will* die if sitting outside in an afternoon 100F+.


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