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Hello planted tanks fans,

Back in Feb this year I started a 30gal build. This and another forum were a huge help. The tank is pretty much filled in now, but I thought i I'd share the details and some pics here. Probably should have started a thread here at TPT at the beginning, but better late then never.

I'll start with the specs and I'll post progression pics shortly (gotta fish them out of my hard drive first).

Altelanthera reinekii mini
Rotala sp green
Rotala h'ra

Rotala colarata
Dwarf hair grass
Ludwigia arcuata
US fissidens
Flame moss
Staurogyne repens
Rotala macrandra
Pogostemon helferi
Hydroctyle Japan

Black neon tetras
Redline rasboras

60x45x45 CADE Opti-clear Tank, stand, poles,
ADA Amozonia II soil
ADA Nile Sand
Sera 500 reactor
Dupla reg Armature Pro, Dupla magnetic valve, Dupla cylinder 1.5kg and bubble counter
Fluval 406
Vortech mp10
ATI Power module fixture 4x 24w (2x Giesemann midday, 1x KZ fiji purple, 1x Giesemann aquaflora)
Borneo Wild 17mm intake and outtake
Hydor 200w inline heater

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thanks for the kind comments.

actually, i'm not sure what to do next with it. some have suggested i pull out some of the dwarf hg so the line across the front isn't so straight. also thinking of pulling out the colarata (back right) and replacing it with macrandra or some other rotala (mini buffer fly is very nice).

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To bring out the red I dose liquid fe fertz and k with added iron (called k essence i think).

I've tried Seachem iron, Easy Life Ferro and Borneo Wild Vivid and they are all very similar in producing red colouration. Borneo wild 'fe Red' capsules give a good burst for a few weeks.

Next I want to try dry fertz, but I still have a bit of the liquid to get through.
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