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I currently have a 65g planted tank. Residents include cardinals (10), embers (10), CPDs (5), some rainbows, two small plecos (peppermint & widemouth), ottos, 2 SAE's, two small clown loaches.

My plan was to set up my 14g (used for SW a few years ago) and transplant the tetras and CPDs to this tank. This would be a total of 25 fish. Is this too many? I know they are small fish. My LFS says you can't really count these small tetras the same way in biobload as you do larger fish. But I don't want to be asking for troubles from the start. And although I think I have a great LFS, I know sometimes advise isn't always on the mark.

I'm adding celebes halfbeaks to the 65g to try and raise some eventually, and don't want any of the little guys snapped up. So I figure I have this perfectly good 14g I can set up :icon_cool

Any suggestions are welcome!
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