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Yes that's how dosing /fertilizing makes me feel. I just don't get it everytime I try to figure it out and attempt to learn I either get sidetracked reading different articles, get confused using the calculator or just can't focus. Maybe because having small kids I don't have the time to study it til late. Whatever the case I need help.

I have a 45 gal tank with med to high light and currently DIY co2. At my disposal are:

Flourish comprehensive
Flourish trace
Gh booster (3:3:1 K2SO4:CaSO4:MgSO4)

I'm currently using the comprehensive every other day and the csm+b on opposite days. I also use the gh booster after water changes.

Am I missing something? And when the comprehensive runs out what should I use? I prefer the dry ferts due to cost and also since I have a sump it's easy to just drop in there.

Advice please I'm begging :)

Thanks, Robert
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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